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Play! Pokémon GO - S3 EP1 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

Hello?! Any StadiumCast Fans still here? We're back with an all new episode! JRHonda & THE MAYOR sit down to discuss the whole new world of Play! Pokémon including Pokémon GO in the official competitive series. They talk about a little bit of controversy around whether GO Battle League is a serious competitive league and what needs to change to keep it fresh and relevant. They discuss the Open Great League Meta going into the first World Championship in London and the typical meta we see right now along with our favorites to win it all. They take a trip to the Speculation Station to discuss the massive update of new moves that are due after Worlds.

Episode Notes

On this episode of StadiumCast, Holesome & JR are literally pogging out at the upcoming Play! Pokémon World Championships, the future of the structure, and our favorites for the Pokémon Meta and Competitors. Controversy is afoot and we must decide whether GO Battle League is a serious competitive league or be cancelled on Twitter by the Leaderboard Climbers. We take a Deep Deep Dive into the World Championship and Open Great League Meta and then board the Train into the speculation station to beg and plead our lord and savior John Hanke for buffs and nerfs galore post worlds.

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Hosts - JRHonda121  & Holesome_

Show Art by KitsuneKurisu & Rambling Rabbit