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Liverpool Looks Weird - Episode 4 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss the #GOTeamUp Invitational, the 1st Tournament from GO Stadium's Team Tournament Formats. They talk about what Stadium is doing to help fight COVID-19. We wade into the deep end to discuss if Counter Alakazam can stay afloat in the different leagues, GBL Leaderboards, Liverpool looks bloody weird, AJ gets Sentret Community Day, and they make a stop in Speculation Station to discuss the whimsical world of additional levels in Pokémon GO.

Episode Notes

On this episode of Stadium Cast, AJ & John cover the #GOTeamUp Tournaments that have begun, the Match-A-Mask campaign and what Stadium is doing to help fight COVID-19, Abra Community Day & Trainer Battle implications of Counter Alakazam. They discuss the ideal Elite TM candidates, details on the buddy event, the incense spectacular that gives AJ so much joy, and how additional levels could affect Trainers, and Trainer Battles.

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