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Great League: The Bastiodon Remix - S2 EP 2 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

REMIX!! Butters & John sit down to discuss the current events in Pokémon GO including the newly revealed Remix Cup, Speculation of New Pokestop Powerups and Megas, and more. Butters brings us his Top 5 Spice Picks and we take a Trip to the Speculation Station to talk about newly datamined information! We give our analysis and feeling of how the adjusted switch timer should be integrated and adjusted to build the layers of the game, and we have special Remixed Music from Toni Leys in honor of Remix Cup.

Episode Notes

On this episode of StadiumCast, Butters & John are back to dive into Remix Cup, the bad, bad, and bad. Consolation Prize is Open Great League RPS with 30 year Switch Timer at 4.25% Interest. Snivy Community Day is upon us with a new sh....wait Stardust Community Day is here again. We deep dive into the world of switch mechanics and timer adjustments. Speculation rampant about a new Power Up for Pokéstops and a grove of new Mega Assets have been found. We also have new remixed music from Toni Leys for our Outro in honor of Remix Cup

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