Stadium Cast

“No, Not the Bees!” - Episode 9 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss current events in the Pokémon GO PvP world including upcoming June and July Community Day vote results, the implications of MYSTIC7 being featured by Twitch Esports, our Twitch schedule for the week, the new Silph Cup and some speculation on the Tao Trio's movesets. Matt from PvPoke joins us this week on Kakuna’s Corner and our very own Toshi takes the Coaching Spotlight.

Episode Notes

On this episode of Stadium Cast, AJ & John blather on about their unimpressive Seedot Community Days and AJ explodes into a rant about the June & July Community Day vote results.  Throwback research is around the corner and throwaway tickets are available. Mystic7 is featured by Twitch Esports and Niantic and GO Stadium ramps up their Twitch production.  Matt from PvPoke gives us the hot takes on GBL both in GL and UL and Toshi gives us his working strategy featuring Lanturn. AJ & John wind down in the Speculation Station with how the Tao Trio will send waves into Master League. 


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