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Keep Calm and Tap On - Episode 8 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss current events in the Pokemon Go PvP world including Seedot Community Day, the return of "undertapping," some live coaching controversy and so much more. Matt from PvPoke joins us this week on Kakuna’s Corner and our very own Elisa Nobile takes the Coaching Spotlight.

Episode Notes

On this episode of Stadium Cast, AJ & John complain about the upcoming Seedot Community Day and how underwhelming Bullet Seed Shiftry will be to anything it touches. Undertapping is back with a vengeance and Hypno users are upset, John can’t catch a shiny Carvanha to save his life and the last coin bundle has been announced, but not really. Matt from PvPoke gives us the numbers on Forest Cup this week on Kakuna’s Corner and our coach, Elisa Nobile gives us her GBL strategy on the Coach’s Spotlight. There’s some controversy in the streaming world about live coaching and some new code discovered in the game master is perfectly suited for the Speculation Station. 

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