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A Premier Experience - Episode 17 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss the current events affecting PvP including the GBL Ultra League, Unova Week and the recently announced Community Day vote. This week's Deep Dive focuses exclusively on Ultra League Premier Cup and the history and concept of Elite TMs are explained.

Episode Notes

On this episode of StadiumCast, John surprises AJ by losing only  some of his matches in the Elite 4 Challenge and AJ brags about the size of his Magikarp. John does about 100 raids to get a shiny Deoxys that AJ encountered on the first attempt.  The guys are totally whelmed about the new Pokémon announced for Unova Week and a psychotic individual with a strangely familiar voice interrupts the segment for breaking news. AJ has fallen in love... with the new Ultra League Premier Cup meta and has an excellent surprise choice.  The letter of the day is E as the background and concept of Elite TMs are explained, which AJ is too afraid to use and John spends recklessly.  As is customary in the Stadium, the episode wraps up in the station as AJ & John argue about community day moves for which they have no say to begin with. 

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