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Regi-sad - Episode 15 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss the current events affecting PvP including the upcoming Dragon Week, #GOTeamUp 3 and the new meta brought by the new season move re-work. The term "CMP" is explored along with the upcoming increase of trainer level cap.

Episode Notes

On this episode of StadiumCast, the podcast takes a backseat to an important PSA regarding RamblingRabbit and his cardboard internet. After throwing RR under the bus, AJ & John are whelmed about Dragon Week and John is yet again team-less for #GOTeamUp. AJ goes on a long rant about the new season updates and John blackmails AJ into another edition of AJ's Alphabet. The episode winds down with some good old speculation about what happens after TL40, where AJ doubles down on his disgust for yucky eggs and John rambles about his ideas that don't make sense.

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