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Take It Easy - Episode 13 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss current events in the Pokémon GO PvP world including the promotional GO Fest poster from Niantic, Remote Raids, Silph Arena Championships and more. Some controversy within the community is explored and Caleb Peng joins the Coach Spotlight. Groudon and Metagross are featured in today's Deep Dive and the letter of the day is B for "Bait."

Episode Notes

On this episode of StadiumCast, AJ & John vent about trying to catch up with their personal lives while covering the current events including a cool new Pokemon GO Fest Poster, July 19th Gastly Day, Remote Raid Invites, the Team GO Rocket Takeover and Silph Arena's upcoming Continental Championships.  Some dramatic controversy has taken over the community and the guys give their take on the situation.  Groudon and Metagross are subjected to deep dives within the Master League and Premier Cup and Coach Caleb Peng gives his take on those metas and what has been working for him at Rank 10. AJ begrudgingly explains the concept of baiting in PvP during AJ's Alphabet and the episode wraps up with some speculation about info found in a recent data mine. 

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