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Bugging Out - Episode 10 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss current events in the Pokémon GO PvP world including the #GOTeamUP champions, the announced June updates and events, and July 2020 GO Fest. Listen to a Deep Dive into Cresselia and Escavalier in the Ultra League. Matt from PvPoke joins us this week on Kakuna’s Corner and our very own HouseStark93 takes the Coach Spotlight.

Episode Notes

On this episode of Stadium Cast, AJ & John  endlessly toot their own horn for a job well done in #GOTeamUP and give a brief pat on the back to the EU Emperors for tapping more skillfully than any other team.  COVID perks are extended 30 days and June is now jam-packed with super exciting events like Patrat, Numel and Kricketot spotlight hours and the most epic raid hour feature yet--Pinsir! What better month now with Weedle  Community Day being a thing?  AJ spends an inordinate amount of time blathering on about Cresselia and Escavalier and John interrupts to read AJ's notes out loud. Matt from PvPoke and our very own HouseStark93 bring some sense to the podcast with their take on the Ultra League Meta and the episode winds down with some good ole speculation in--you guessed it--the Speculation Station. 

Stunfisk is a mudboi. Galarian Stunfisk is a mudboi. 

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