Stadium Cast

E02: Statastan the Man with the Plan

Episode Notes

Lundberger and Inadequance had a chance to chat with one of the most consistent battlers in Europe, Statastan. Statastan is originally from the Netherlands (he's not British, no matter what Lundberger tells you), and he placed third in the Liverpool before solidifying his spot in the 2023 Worlds Competition with a 2nd place finish in Utrecht. Statastan also placed third at the European International Championships. Stan tells us about his love of mathematics and how he analyzes his and other competitors' play styles in Pokemon Go PvP.

This episode was pre-recorded and originally live on Inadequance's Twitch stream. You can catch live versions of the podcast, chat, and ask questions there!

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Hosts - Lundberger  & Inadequance

Show Art by HurricaneKaz