Stadium Cast

E01: Hanging with Holesome_

Episode Notes

Let's kick this podcast season off right! For the pilot episode of the new StadiumCast, Inadequance and Lundberger celebrated Inadequance's birthday by having a chat with the mayor himself, Holesome. Holesome is an official Pokemon Go caster for the Pokemon company, and a Pokemon Go and variety game streamer on Twitch. The group sits down to discuss fun and quirky things about the Netherlands and Dutch culture, Holesome's impeccable fashion sense, and thoughts about how Go's place in the Play! Pokemon tournaments could change in the future.

This episode was pre-recorded and originally live on Inadequance's Twitch stream. You can catch live versions of the podcast, chat, and ask questions there!

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Hosts - Lundberger  & Inadequance

Show Art by HurricaneKaz