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Dodge Me Bro - Episode 7 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

This week AJ & John sit down to discuss the Season 2 Launch of GO Battle League and a surprising new meta shift with Triple Legacy Seaking. They discuss AJ's targets from his Philadelphia Safari Zone while John just worries about getting Shiny Vulpix. Dodging in GO Battle League rears its head in the spotlight, Kakuna's Korner from PvPoke and a Coaching Spotlight from ValorAsh. Finally, they make a stop in Speculation Station to discuss the rumor mill of a potential Fire Pokémon and Move rework.

Episode Notes

On this episode of Stadium Cast, AJ & John discuss the new Pokémon next door, Triple Legacy Seaking. AJ has a puny home showing from Philly Safari Zone at home and John dreams of Shiny Vulpix. The Minor League Team known as the GO Battle League Dodgers make their debut, they hangout in Kakuna's Korner for a look at some spicy meta trends, and head up to PA for a Coach's Spotlight from none other than Valor Ash himself. The final stop rolls into Speculation Station where the tracks are ablaze with possible espionage or horrific Fire updates to Pokémon GO.

This week's episode is sponsored by The National Dodgeball League – The Official Home of Professional Dodgeball

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