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Buttery Transitions - S2 EP 1 - Stadium Cast

Episode Summary

Season 2 of StadiumCast is here!! Butters & John sit down to discuss the current events in Pokémon GO including updates to Candy XL, The Spring Event, and new Team GO Rocket Research. Butters brings us some Spice of the Week and we take a Trip to the Speculation Station to talk about the Switch Timer being cut in half! We also have an exclusive interview with GTU 6 Winners The Grotesque Sausages.

Episode Notes

On this episode of StadiumCast, Butters & John are back to kick off a new Season of StadiumCast. We bid farewell to AJ as he begins his professional Magikarp JUMP career. Pikachu gets A FLOWER CROWN!!! We cover the spring events coming up in Pokémon GO and discuss the different targets for the competitive battling community. An exclusive interview with the GTU 6 Winners The Grotesque Sausages. We finally get on a socially distanced ride into Speculation Station to discuss the implications of the Switch Timer in Trainer Battles being cut in half.

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